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Fifth book in the Temporarily Mine series

With her husband still out of town, Karen suggested that she and I play a little game inspired by our bachelor party experience.  Even thought the game was a cliché, Karen and I had never played it, and we both thought it would be a real turn-on for us.  Neither of us imagined how quickly it would spin out of control.

Karen’s game idea was simple and seemed harmless enough.  We would go to a night club and pretend not to know each other.  I would sit back and watch anonymously while she flirted and danced with other men, rubbing up against them and letting them feel her up.  Then, after she had thoroughly stoked my jealousy and passion, she’d leave the other men with blue balls while she went home with me for a night of fevered lovemaking.

That was our plan, anyway.  But our plan careened off the rails when Bill showed up at the club and set his sights on Karen.  I had known the sexy black man for some time, but Karen had never met him.  Bill had no idea that Karen was with me, so he had no reservations about trying to seduce her.  And consistent with our game plan, Karen played right along.  At first, she was just being a cocktease, but as time went on, she found herself genuinely attracted to him.  So when he asked her out, she was tempted.

I knew what a stud Bill was, and the thought of him trying to bed my Karen nearly blinded me with jealousy.  I was tempted to tell him to back off because she was with me.  But the idea of him pursuing her also was an incredible, irresistible turn-on for me.  And on top of that, Karen had brought along her girlfriend Marilyn…a gorgeous redhead who piqued my curiosity.  So I decided to keep my mouth shut for a while and watch what happened.  Well, one thing led to another, and before long, I found myself helping Bill to seduce Karen while she set me up with Marilyn.

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