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 Latest Releases


Seventh Book in the Temporarily Mine Series

Karen had a brawl with her husband and stormed out of the house. Now she’s missing, and he’s distraught.  At first, I’m not concerned because I think I know where she’s gone.  When I discover I’m wrong and that she’s avoiding me, too, I begin an anxious search for her that leads me to a stunning discovery.  It seems that Karen has been recruited as a highly-paid practitioner of the world’s oldest profession.  My challenge is to try to figure out why…and how to get her back.

Eighth Book in the Temporarily Mine Series

To try to quell the turmoil caused by their foray into swinging, Karen and Ted have made a deal designed to stuff the genie back into the bottle. After the Navy transfers them, they will revert to a monogamous marriage and try for a third child…hopefully, the son Ted has always wanted.  For the short time they have left in Hawaii, however, anything goes.  Both are free to indulge their erotic desires without recrimination, and whatever happens in Hawaii will stay in Hawaii.

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