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 Latest Releases

Sixth Book in the Temporarily Mine Series

Ted just returned from several months at sea and doesn’t yet know that his wife and Bill became lovers while he was gone.  So, when he sees Karen with Bill at my party, he thinks she’s having steamy sex with a stranger.

Ted is really turned on by watching Karen with the handsome black stud, but not knowing that she and Bill have been lovers for some time, he misinterprets the situation and thinks she has been harboring a fetish for sex with strange hunks.  And he knows damned well he likes to watch her with other men.  So, he asks her to go with him to a private sex club where women act out fantasies with young “bulls” while their husbands and boyfriends watch.

The idea really doesn’t appeal to Karen, but she reluctantly agrees to go to try to assuage her guilt over some of the things she did while Ted was gone…and she assumes the sex club couldn’t be any worse than what she did at the bachelor party.  But once they’re at the club, Karen feels that Ted is degrading and humiliating her, so she abandons him and goes off to a wild party with some of the bulls.  Of course, she makes sure I’m there to watch over her.


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